Allergy Free India

India is home to approximately 33 crore allergy patients, each dealing with a spectrum of Allergic manifestations Including Skin Rashes, Sinusitis, Asthma, Food Allergies, And More. Regrettably, the Country Is grappling with a shortage of qualified allergy super specialists, who's number not more than a hundred. The end result is that an alarming 20 crore Individuals silently suffer from various allergies, often unaware of their condition's nature. Recognizing this pressing issue, we strive to bridge the gap between medical knowledge and public awareness.

Our services

Allergy Education for Non-Medical Personnel

AFI is dedicated to launching a series of initiatives to enlighten non-medical individuals about the inherent risks connected with allergies.

Clinical Updates to Doctors on Allergies

Empowering Healthcare Professionals with Cutting-Edge Clinical Insights and Allergy Updates in the Evolving Field of Allergy & Immunology.

Research & Analysis of Allergic Trends

At AFI, our mission is to delve into and dissect contemporary allergic trends through meticulous and comprehensive research and analysis.

Global Media Updates on Allergies

Allergy Free India will provide timely and insightful global media updates on allergic conditions for better awareness and understanding of the people.

Free Screening for Pigeon Allergens

To mitigate the harmful effects of pigeon exposure, AFI's medical teams will offer free screenings to patients using the Modified Allergen Skin Prick Test.

Corporate Allergy Screening & Awareness

AFI has designed to detect and address allergenic triggers within workplaces. We'll provide comprehensive education and solutions for a healthier corporate environment.

Integrated Allergy standards for Allergen Avoidance

We establish and maintain industry-leading practices to safeguard against allergic reactions and promote a safe, allergen-aware atmosphere.

Our Latest Blogs

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